Windansea Beach

The Windansea beach is a picturesque beach located in San Diego in the area of La Jolla. The beach is a hot spot for surfing as the steep ocean floor slopes create powerful waves ideal for the surfing experience. Because of the big waves it is a popular surf destination but other marine activities like swimming, diving or snorkeling is not recommended.

The beach is popular for a palm covered shack that sits on the sand and is a protected historical landmark. The beach has been a popular destination for beach parties and the wild side to this nature destination can be found from the parties that were organized there. There are however no facilities like water fountains, restrooms or showers and as such the beach is also quite unspoiled.

The beach finds mention in literature as the Pump House Gang of Tom Wolfe mentions about surfers from Windansea beach. The book Child of the Storm by Kirk Lee Aeder is also about the Windansea beach surfer Chris O Rourke.

The beach is popular not just as a great surfing destination but also to visit and relax in the cool waters of the area and the fine views that stimulate the senses.

Image from Sema Altınyuva.

Image from Sema Altınyuva.

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