Tuna Canyon Park

Tuna Canyon Park is situated in the western Santa Monica mountains above the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, paralleling with more than two miles of the Pacific Ocean. The 1256-acre park provides dramatic, 360-views of the San Gabriel mountains to the Santa Monica Bay.

Tuna Canyon Park links over 18,000 acres of contiguous protected open space from Topanga State Park west to Las Flores Canyon. More than half the property lies in Los Angeles County Significant Ecological Area Number 10. Deep canyons and ridges support a rich mosaic of coastal Southern California plant communities which include sycamore riparian woodland, coastal sage scrub and native grasslands. Tuna Creek, one of the most pristine aquatic habitats in the Santa Monica Mountains, passes through the eastern end of the property into the ocean.

Tuna Canyon Park

(Photo: Yelp)

There are two main viewpoints in Tuna Canyon Park, found at the ends of Hearst Tank Motorway and Big Rock Lateral. From the main trailhead, it is a 1.6-mile roundtrip hike to the east-facing viewpoint on Hearst Tank Motorway, and a 3.8 miles roundtrip to the west-facing viewpoint on Big Rock Lateral. You can also take in both vistas on a combined 5.1 mile hike with 900 feet of elevation change, or push your limits and check out a viewpoint on Budwood Motorway for a 6.2-mile trek.

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