Torpedo Wharf

Torpedo Wharf is a transport infrastructure in Long Avenue in the city of San Francisco in California. The place is an amazing spot to view the Golden Gate bridge from, great place to stroll around and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Golden Gate bridge and the sunset besides an interesting view of the city of San Francisco.

The place is a popular fishing spot and there are lot of fishermen in the area and people crabbing along the side. The fishers catch sharks and show them off to tourists and the plenty of fish in the area also makes it a good spot for beginning fishermen. The crab fishing is good but the dungenness crabs are illegal to fish.

The wharf is a little uneven so care should be taken walking on it especially when it is dark. The place offers the best view in Bay Area and it is also possible to catch a chance to see some dolphins swim by the area besides some sea lions in the waters.

There is a gift shop and rest area for tourists and a bike shop just down the street besides a trampoline place right on the shore and is great place for some bike riding and have some fun.

Torpedo Wharf image from Marie Gold.

Torpedo Wharf image from Marie Gold.

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