Thousand Steps Beach

Thousand Steps Beach is one of the most accessible beaches in California. The beach was created for the local population and it is therefore not surprising that the local community love the fact the beach is somehow hidden. An interesting fact about the Thousand Steps Beach is that one might just drive past the beach while looking directly at it.

Parking at the Thousand Steps Beach is limited and is only available along the residential streets located on the North side of the Pacific Coast Highway. Visitors wishing to park close to the beach are therefore encouraged to get there early in the morning. Even better is knowing someone who lives close to the beach.

Access to the beach is via a steep staircase which has approximately 230 steps. However, the steps are very steep and families are encouraged to exercise caution particularly when accompanied by children.

There are several facilities at the Thousand Steps beach including a bathroom, shower and a counter top. The reef at the beach is located on the west side of the beach and extends all the way to the hillside. There are also several reefs on the east side of the beach and visitors to the beach can enjoy walking along the sandy beaches and a good swim. The Thousand Steps Beach is no doubt worth exploring.

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