Table Rock Beach


The Table Rock Beach is seen among some quarters as one of the best public beaches in Laguna. Despite its relatively smaller size, Table Rock Beach is no doubt a costal paradise that attracts both local and international visitors.

On the north side of the beach is a tall rock wall formation while the southern side of the beach is occupied by sandstone walls. The view from the south side of the Table Rock Beach is magnificent as the Thousand Steps Beach is visible from this location. This beach is popular among skim boarders and visitors are provided with non-stop entertainment from the acrobatic crashes of the skim boarders on the pounding surf.

The wooden staircase leading towards the beach is leads to an open trail covered with tall bamboo grass. The rocky wall that overlooks the beach provides a natural overhang that acts as a shade during sunny days. Seagulls are a common phenomenon at the beach and particularly if visitors has snacks with them. Despite the beautiful attractions at the Table Rock Beach, visitors are cautioned not to dive from the rocks into the water due to the inherent danger that may arise from such an activity.

There is metered parking at the Table Rock Beach while free parking is available along the residential neighborhoods provided that you do not block someone’s driveway.  Table Rock Drive is the closest road to the staircase.

Table Rock Beach

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