Sutro Heights Park

The Sutro Heights Park is a beautiful park, well maintained and peaceful area in San Francisco city in California. The area was the estate of Adolph Sutro, a land developer and mayor of San Francisco, California.

The park is on 22 acres of undeveloped land at the edge of the city and made into an elaborate public garden with decorated flower beds, statues, forests and vista points. There is a promontory overlooking the Cliff House, Seal Rocks and has scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, the Mount Tamalpais and the Golden Gate.

There are winged lions at the park and the green vale of the area makes it a wonderful place to have some picnic, enjoy the peace of garden, relax on the beaches or stroll around in the ground. At the westernmost point of Lands End there is the historic Sutro Baths, once a lavish swimming pool facility and can be seen now the three acre glass bathhouse rising from ruins.

The flora and fauna of the area include the dune tansy and northern river otter while one can also hike down to the beach and enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and stars at night in this hidden gem of a park.

Image from Marie Gold.

Image from Marie Gold.

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