Surf Beach

Surf Beach is a beach located in Vandenberg on the Pacific coast at the Vandenberg Air Force Base west of the city of Lompoc in California. Access to the beach is from the Amtrak train stopping area along West Ocean Avenue.

It is also possible to walk to Surf beach from nearby Ocean Beach County Park, an excellent bird watching spot. Sections of Surf Beach are closed between March and September for the nesting season of the western snowy plover to protect the bird under the Endangered Species Act.

The beach is popular with surfing, body boarding, beach walking and bird watching and has restrooms and other facilities. Fishing is not allowed in Surf Beach as the beach is part of the Vandenberg State Marine Reserve and is a protected area. Several shark attacks have occurred near Surf Beach and visitors should be careful with entering the waters in the area and maintain safety standards.

During minus tides it is possible to see some colorful sea caves in the south of the beach and explore these caves as a unique natural formation. The Surf beach is popular not just with surfing and bird watching but is also a unique natural destination.

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Surf Beach image from

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