Solstice Canyon

Solstice Canyon is a park in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Malibu, California. The wonderful tree-lined canyon runs north-south about a mile east of Point Dume and there are great ocean views, interesting historical ruins and lovely seasonal waterfalls and stream.

There are ruins of stone cottage in the canyon that has been an ancient stone building in the whole of Malibu while there is also the unique home of Fred and Florence Roberts which has been featured in Architectural Digest for its stunning blend of natural resources including waterfalls, creeks and trees.

The place is a popular hiking destination and provides solitude and serenity in the abundant natural resources. The area has one of the only year round waterfalls in the mountains and proximity to the beach makes it an extremely popular destination in the weekends.

The park is a haven from city life and is managed by the National Park service. In the park there are pieces of colourful glass glittering in walkways at Tropical Terrace near the foundations of the historic building. The park is great place to experience nature first hand, see some history and architecture besides a great beach in the vicinity.

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