Soledad Park

Soledad Park, nestled on the hillside of La Jolla, is known for its beautiful views of San Diego and the Mount Soledad Cross monument.  The climb to the park is a popular cycling route as there is typically light traffic and numerous routes with varying length and steep.

The memorial at Soledad Park is a cross built in 1913, that has now been named a Veteran’s Memorial.  It has been the center of much controversy due to the cross being on government property and wanting there to remain a separation of church and state. View more about the memorial here.

Both residents and tourists enjoy visiting the memorial during the day and night.  It is a small park, but has views that are like none other in San Diego.  At night, it is possible to see the entire city lit up.

Soledad Park can be reached from both the La Jolla neighborhood and the Pacific Beach neighborhood, but there is only one wait in and out of the park.  La Jolla Scenic Dr. S. and Via Capri meet to become Soledad Park Rd., which leads into the park.  There is a lot to park immediately upon entering the park, or there are a few parking spots right at the cross memorial for a lucky few visitors.  On a busy day or night, parking is also available on select streets leading up the mountain, but be careful not to block any bike lanes.

Soledad Park


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