Skaters Point Santa Barbara

Skaters Point Santa Barbara is a skate board park located in the city of Santa Barbara in California and is a fun place for both skaters and other visitors. The park offers fourteen thousand six hundred square feet of skate and in-line fun board that entice both beginning and experienced skaters.

The park is located in Chase Palm Park along the waterfront of Garden Street and Cabrillo Boulevard in a scenic destination of the city of Santa Barbara. The park features a state of the art cement facility that includes half pipes, rails, fun boxes, taco bowl and pyramid besides other skating elements.

Less experienced skaters are encouraged to skate on the weekends while skating helmets, elbow and knee pads are requires at all times to skate. The popular skateboard park is located at the beach east of Stearns Wharf and offers the best in bowl riding and street skating.

The park offers a fun, safe place to skate besides the fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean. There is also much sunshine and the beach offers some nice views of the waterfront. The park serves both locals and tourists and is a great place to watch skaters and take photos of the skaters in action.

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