Seal Beach Pier Playground

The Seal Beach Pier Playground is located next to the Seal Beach Pier — a hidden gym with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean for your backdrop while your children play. Many families flock to this location because of the minimal crowds and pristinely kept grounds. There is a vast array of playground equipment to climb and play on in varying colors suitable for children of all ages. The playground also features a gate that is kept closed so children don’t run out to the parking lot. Bathroom facilities are conveniently located next door as well as right below the pier.

With pay beach parking located directly next to this serene beach playground located on the south side of the Seal Beach wooden pier, you can let your children explore into the gated sand area, enjoying swings, slides, and sand castles as you take in the ocean in the distance. There are many playgrounds at kids vacation beaches in California, however few offer this enclosed structure where parents keep a watchful eye without worrying that a small child will run down to the water into the ocean.

Seal Beach features the 2nd longest pier in California. After your fix at the Seal Beach Pier Playground you can take your children to the beach to enjoy fishing, sunbathing, body boarding, swimming, flying a kite, playing volleyball or building a sandcastle. After, take a walk along Seal Beach pier where kids can enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, pizza, hand-dipped chocolates and ice cream bars while you opt for custom-made espresso or tea. There are also several Irish pub restaurants that offer kids menus and draft beers for adults nearby.
Seal Beach Pier Playground

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