Scripps Park

Scripps Park is a beautiful park area in La Jolla in southern California and is a wonderful oceanside spot with extensive coastal walkways. The grassy areas of the park are known to allure the nature lover while the picnic benches contribute to the popularity among the party crowd.

Parties are also held in the area as seen in the plethora of summer concerts and the party people visiting the region. There are tall palm trees in the area and the park satisfies the epithet as a beautiful region in downtown La Jolla. The park is also hailed as the most photographed destination in San Diego and is popular with beach weddings and outdoor activities.

There is a public rest room building with showers available. Picnics are popular in the area and alcohol is prohibited in the park between eight in the night and noon time. The park is especially noted for its proximity to great beaches, Frisbee matches or even children playing and relaxing in the children’s pool nearby.

Glass containers are prohibited in the area and the park is maintained in a pristine and natural state so that it appeals to the most discerning of visitors and nature lover.

La Jolla Cove is rich in wildlife.

La Jolla Cove is rich in wildlife.

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