La Jolla Underwater Park

San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park is a marine life preservation and recreation area north of downtown San Diego off La Jolla in California. The area features 6000 acres of ocean bottom and tidelands and coastal shoreline and is a popular destination for snorkelers and scuba divers.

The area consists of a rocky reef, kelp bed, sand flats and submarine canyon and has two parks within it, the ‘look but don’t touch’ ecological reserve and the Marine Life Refuge. There are two artificial reefs that are meant to attract and enhance marine life.

Because of the reefs, the waves here are minimal and the place is a popular fishing spot besides diving and kayaking and also a great place or observing seals, dolphins, birds and fishes and migrating whales which can be spotted close to shore.

Recreation and fishing is permitted in the Marine Life Refuge and white buoys mark this protected area from Point Jolla north to Scripps pier. There are variety of marine life here along with kelp forests, reefs and canyons while the waves have also carved caves in the sandstone cliffs east of the cove.

The park is a great way to experience world in the Pacific Ocean and is sheltered by picturesque cliffs offering stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

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