Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach

Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach is a state park in the city of Alameda in California on the shores of the San Francisco bay. The Crab Cove visitor centre features exhibits about the marine life environment of San Francisco bay while there is also a 800 gallon aquarium system with interactive stations for viewing sea creatures up close.

The naturalists offer programs for schools and groups with nature programs while the Neptune beach area offered amusement park and resort community with bathing spas and waterfront houses. The beach is a popular destination for bird watching in fall and in winter and sea birds like the grebes, ducks, and loons can be viewed in the bird sanctuary.

The place is a pretty nice beach with great views of San Francisco and popular activities in the area include concerts at the cove, sand castle contest and running or walking on the shoreline while swimming is also permitted besides picnic and barbeques and lawns for baseball games.

The place is one of the few bay area beaches that have warm and calm environments and stretch for about 2.5 miles of beach. The place is a good area to be one with nature and also enjoy some games and general recreation.

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