Powerhouse Park

Powerhouse park is a great park and beach along the coastline of Northern San Diego, in the city of Del Mar.  This park is considered more of a local spot, so it is typically one of the less crowded beaches in the area.

Whether wanting to enjoy a day in the sand or just outdoors (and not get sandy!), Powerhouse Park provides something for everyone trying to get outdoors.  There are even BBQing areas, but you might have to show up a bit early to grab one.

Powerhouse Park is adjacent to Seagrove Park, both of which are dog friendly areas, provided the pet stays on their leash.  You can even find a doggy water fountain!  Bathrooms are also included at this location to make it easy to spend the entire day at the park!

The one downside to this park and beach is that parking is limited.  The lots in the area are a bit pricey as well as metered street parking.  The good news is, if you are willing to walk a little, there are plenty of neighborhoods within a few blocks where free parking can be found.

Another great feature of Powerhouse Park is that it has close places to eat and drink, where you may be able to also find cheaper valet parking.  Jake’s Del Mar is a popular spot, as well as Poseidon Resturant, both located just north of the area.

Image from delmar.ca.gov.

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