Pfeiffer State Beach

Pfeiffer State Beach is a public beach located within Big Sur in California. The area boasts some great coastal views and interesting rock formations. The phenomenal crescent shaped beach is known for its huge double rock formation and there are holes in the rock through which waves come flooding the hole .

The beach is often windy and the surf is too dangerous for swimming. The wet sand of the beach is purple in color as the manganese garnet comes from the craggy hill sides above. The beach is known as California’s best hidden escape and there wild open astoundingly beautiful beach combing strolls one can undertake in the area.

There are breathtaking views of the large rock formations or the pristine white sand with strong waves and beautiful rocks to climb on. A creek runs through the beach while there also some caves and it is possible to watch some pelicans in the beach or have a nice sunset.

The pristine unspoiled character of the place is maintained and nature seems to be in full swing in the area. It is definitely one of the best beaches in California to have a relaxing stroll, just gaze into the ocean or the rock structures and take marvel at the incredible purple sand.

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