Oxnard Beach Park

Oxnard Beach Park is a park located in the city of Oxnard in southern California. The park is famous for the California coastal trail and…


Faria Beach Park

Faria Beach Park is a park located seven miles north of Ventura city in California. The park provides a plethora of beach side activities like…


Mandalay County Park

Mandalay County Park is a protected beach of California in the city of Oxnard. The park preserves an area of undeveloped sand dunes and wetlands….


Grant Park

Grant Park is a park located in the city of Ventura in California. There is a rugged cross in the park that dates back to…


Hobson County Park

Hobson County Park is a park located in the county of Ventura in California north of Faria beach park. The surface of the park is…

Light House

Point Conception Lighthouse

Point Conception Lighthouse is a lighthouse located in the city of Lompoc in Santa Barbara county in California. The lighthouse is located at Point Conception…


Oceano Campground

Oceano Campground – Pismo State Beach is a beach located on the Pacific coast of California and is seventeen miles long wide, flat sandy beach…

Southern California

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Under Freedom Alliance Ventures, LLC parent company. Reveals All The Fantastic Attractions Our Golden State Has To Offer. By Nick Johnston…

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