Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is one of the main beachfront neighborhoods in San Diego that lies in the estuary of the San Diego River on the Pacific Ocean. Ocean Beach has a rich history owing to the fact that the beachfront neighborhood was previously known as Mussel Beach.

There is a large pier on the south side of the beach that attracts a lot of fishers.  Also on the pier is a small cafe and shop, where people can grab a meal, a snack, or even fishing supplies!  Visitors to the pier have many times seen sea lions swimming below the pier, likely to try to catch some of the same fish as the fisherman.

Surfing and volleyball are two of the main activities that locals and tourists take part in at this beach.  There is also a small part of the beach that is the Ocean Beach Dog Beach where dogs are allowed to be unleashed and romp in the ocean.

The dog section of the beach is secluded from the main beach by a jetty, but they share the same parking lot area.  There is also additional parking slightly inland off of the estuary at a park, if there are no events taking place at the park.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Pier


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