Newport Beach Pier

The Newport beach pier is a pier in the city of Newport beach in southern California and is famous as a California historical landmark. The pier is iconic and the beach attracts people like surfers, swimmers and sun bathers.

Among the fauna that are visible in the area includes pelicans and seagulls. The pier offers some stunning views of the ocean and the landscape and attracts people who want to engage in the fine art of viewing and appreciating nature and natural scenery.

The views can extend to the north toward the famous Huntington beach and looking south it can stretch over till the Balboa pier.

The area is popular with sporting enthusiasts as people can rent skates to roll along the beach ways, bikes to travel leisurely in the sun or in the sea winds and cycling, skating and riding along the board walk are popular recreational activities in the area.

In the neighbourhood of the pier are houses that offer summer rentals and are a boon for people who want to experience life on the beach and the stunning views that the pier offers.

The area is also known for some fine dining restaurants that are meant to satisfy the food habits of the food connoisseur.

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