Naples Island

The Naples Island are a group of three islands in the Alamitos Bay in the Long Beach area of southern California. The islands were built by Arthur Parson and the islands were meant to be projected as the ‘dreamland of southern California.’

The streets of the island have Italian names and there is a feel of the Italian in the naming of the streets. There is also a large fountain area that serves as a popular meeting point for people visiting the place.

The Marine Park is known for volleyball games and also swimming for the water sports enthusiast while there is also the beach and grassy area for kids to play around. There are exciting gondola boat trips through the beautiful canals of the area while there is also a Christmas boat parade that offers exciting trips on this island.

There is a gamut of activities to be performed in the area, on the bay and offers activities like kayaking, peddle boarding and hydro biking. The Naples Plaza offers some unique and stunning views of the Seal beach nearby while the La Bella Fontana is a small park with benches, a fountain and exciting bay views.

The area is known for some breezy, sweet strolls in the sunset and some good food, coffee and cocktails.

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