Mission Beach Park

Mission Beach Park is located along the coastline boardwalk in Pacific Beach, California 10 minutes south of Crystal Pier. The park is a popular place to watch the sunset, enjoy the morning sun for yoga, relax on the grass or just casually walk and enjoy the temperate weather along the Pacific Coast. The boardwalk is great for riding bikes/walking/running and the beach is gorgeous and clean.

The beach itself extends south from Belmont Park to the entrance channel for the boat harbor. One of the busiest beach areas in the City of San Diego, Mission Beach draws large crowds of locals and tourists in the summer.

Beach volleyball and sunbathing are the popular attractions to this beach. The beach is host to many vacation rentals and popular eateries.  Whether it’s a cold refreshing snack or a hot southern California style burrito/burger or nachos, there is something for everyone in Mission Beach.

There is plenty of white sand on the beach, bathrooms nearby. Parking is limited in the summer time.

Mission Beach

Mission Beach

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