McWay Cove

McWay Cove is a cove in the Big Sur coast of California and offers a peaceful secluded cove and is the site of the beautiful McWay waterfalls. The coastal waterfall is a tide fall and cascades directly into the Pacific Ocean and drops eighty feet from tree lined granite cliffs.

The area is a secluded pristine white sand beach and there is a breathtaking view of the McWay cove, the waterfalls, beach and ocean. The state park is located on California’s spectacular highway and is designated by the US Department of Tourism as American National Scenic Byway and California Scenic Byway.

The state park offers variety of hiking trails while there is also a rock formation resembling a saddle in the Saddle Rock Ranch. There is an unspoilt character in this area of the coast and nature seems to be in full charge of the place. The area is also protected and one can feel nature in its true state in full grandeur and being real and raw.

The stunning beach is located along California’s legendary coastal highway and the aqua blue waters of the Pacific Ocean beckons the avid nature lover in this area of the state of California.

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