Mandalay County Park

Mandalay County Park is a protected beach of California in the city of Oxnard. The park preserves an area of undeveloped sand dunes and wetlands. The protection of natural area occurs in the park while birds like the snowy plovers and least terns nest on the beach.

The beach walkers can reach the McGrath State Beach upcoast and the Oxnard beach park downcoast. There are bicycle and walking trails to the Channel Islands and the harbour and beach and these trains provide nice views of the ocean and are a great relaxing method to undertake in the park.

The park is a popular destination for birding and bird watching besides beach walking, surfing, fishing and beach combing. The park landscape has been kept natural without any usual park facilities and visitors can experience the coast in real state. There is ample parking and the park is also the access point of the California coastal trail.

The ninety two acre park has been established as a California State Park and the park maintains the natural state of the flora and fauna in the region. While the coast is beautiful it is also possible to watch and appreciate birds and other fauna in the region.

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