La Jolla Tide Pools

La Jolla tide pools are some good tide pool areas in the location of La Jolla in California. The Shell beach tide pools are located in the south end of the Ellen Browning Scripps Park in La Jolla.

The glistening water and gentle breezes make for refreshing experience while the surf can be powerful here and not much to see unless when it is low tide. The big attraction of tide pools in this area is the Seal Rock Reserve, a big rock offshore where seals and sea lions come to rest and sun themselves.

The tide pools teem with rich marine life like crabs, sea hares and sea anemones. Dike Rock is a rocky area north of Scripps pier in La Jolla and is a good place to spot a star fish or octopus on good minus tide. The La Jolla cove is a tiny beach between sandstone cliffs known for its extraordinary beauty and the most photographed destination in south California worth visiting for its tide pools.

At high tides, rocks on the sand of the beach trap waters leaving behind tide pools and the idea of peering into them and enjoying around them is also fascinating which is done best at low tide.

Image from Trip Advisor.

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