Kellogg Park

The Kellogg Park is located in La Jolla in southern California and is popular not just with children but also adults and all ages. The swings and slides in the park offer some nice recreation for the children while the beach front park with its grassy areas can satisfy the nature lover as sitting on them can be quite a relaxing experience.

There are also amazing sunset views that would make this park a unique destination for nature lovers. Children play equipment is available and there are also picnic and barbeque areas for people to enjoy in the lap of nature. Food is allowed in the park but glass containers and alcohol are prohibited for the public. There are also several restrooms with shower facilities and the beach is close by so visitors can use the facilities with ease.

There is an excellent children’s playground where children can play or run as they wish but there are also recreations for the adults and the sports enthusiasts. There are surf camps and the area is also popular with divers and kayakers. Inflatable jumps are not allowed in the area and the area is clean and pristine in a natural state that would excite the most adventurous of the nature tourists.

Sunset from Kellogg Park.

Sunset from Kellogg Park.


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