Kearny Mesa Dog Park

The Kearny Mesa dog park is a hidden gem in the far back corner of the Kearny Mesa Recreation Center. It encompasses a large field for dogs to play and run without a leash.

The park itself does not have an actual address, so to get to the park you will want to go to the Recreation Center at 3170 Armstrong St and drive past the center and the center’s parking lot.  You will take the first right, and then the next left to find a smaller parking lot right in front of the off-leash dog park.

The park offers some seating and shade for warm days, and a large area for dogs to run freely.  Though there are sometimes bags available for cleaning up after pets, they are typically there by donation and it is advised to bring your own.

As there have been recent droughts in California, this park is not kept grassy and consists of a lot of dirt patches during the summer.  If a rainy day was in the recent past, it could be very muddy, so planning a pit stop at a dog wash may be advised.  Overall, this park is at a good, central location, where parking is typically easy.


Kearny Mesa Dog Park

Photo Courtesy of Google Maps.


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