Kate O Sessions Memorial Park

Kate O Sessions Memorial Park is a picturesque park located in California in the area of San Diego. The park provides ample green space for city dwellers to visit and relax in the realms of nature. The park is located on a hill top with breathtaking hill side views of San Diego.

There are preserved nature hiking areas allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life in the surrounding areas. There is a playground with soccer and baseball fields for the children to hang out and burn some energy. The outdoor activities one can pursue at the park include family barbecues, picnics, frisbee games, kite playing or even wedding parties.

The park was named after a local horticulturalist and botanist and remains a specimen of her love of nature. The park offers amazing views of the Pacific ocean and the sight can stretch even far to Tijuana in Mexico. The park offers a beautiful natural respite from city life and also hold concerts in the summer besides fireworks show.

The park is also the natural habitat of squirrels, rabbits, birds and insects and is definitely worth a visit as a well planned urban park offering green surrounding and playful approach to hectic city life.

Image from the hiking trail above the park.

Image from the hiking trail above the park.

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