Hospitality Point Park

Hospitality Point Park is a small grassy park located in Mission bay, San Diego California. Despite its small size, Hospitality Point Park is perfect for picnic lovers as it has a gazebo and various picnic shelters.

In addition to this, the park has barbecue grills, fire rings and restrooms giving visitors the perfect picnic experience on this secluded park. The park is located on the southern side of the Quivira Basin just at the end of the Quivira Way. The location of Hospitality Point Park is perfect for sightseers as it provides a perfect view of the Mission Bay on the San Diego River.

From the Hospitality Point Park, visitors can see the San Diego Lifeguard Headquarters.
There are a lot of activities that visitors to the park can enjoy. Outdoor lovers can jog, bike or simply walk along the paths leading to the East Mission Bay. Permits are required for visitors who are in groups that have over 250 people.

The Hospitality Point Park is easy to find as it can be accessed by road from wither the South or the East of San Diego. One of the major incentives meant to encourage more visitors to the park is that parking is free and therefore visitors can spend as much time as they wish at the park.

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