Hobson County Park

Hobson County Park is a park located in the county of Ventura in California north of Faria beach park. The surface of the park is gravel with a few trees while there is also a small beach below the rocks.

The camp ground is located between the ocean and rail track and popular activities include surfing, fishing and camping. The park offers one of the best beaches in California to surf while the sandy beach is also known for some comfortable sun bathing.

During low tide the park is also one of the best places to explore a natural tide pool on the reefs. During high tide there is little or no dry sand at Hobson beach and the lying on the beach is not recommended at that time.

The park is located between Ventura and Santa Barbara and lies south of the private gated Seacliff beach colony. Among the facilities offered at the park include camp ground, showers, rest rooms while there are also picnic tables, barbeque, camp store and café.

The park is a fun place for kids and nature lovers and is an enthralling destination to just relax in the nice views of the beach and waters.

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