Fletcher Cove beach park

The Fletcher Cove beach park is a unique beach park located in Solana beach in southern California. The park is located in a picturesque setting and there is also a viewing deck to capture some breathtaking views. The grass area of the park is ideal as a playground while there is also a basketball court for the sports lover.

The trees of the park have a kind of artsy mosaic trimming while the sitting area with benches offers some magnificent views of the beach and ocean. The park boasts public showers and rest rooms besides picnic tables for the great picnic celebrations in the lap of nature.

Popular activities in the area include swimming, surfing and kayaking and the area offers ample scope for the sea sports lover. The area has been referred to as the Pillbox after the World War second gunnery installation in the area. Alcohol or beach fires are prohibited in the area and the area has been maintained in a natural state so that it satisfies the senses for the people visiting the park.

The park is popular not just with children but also with adults and sports lover besides the people engaged in the appreciation of nature.

Fletcher Cove

Fletcher Cove image fromĀ www.reiterrealestate.com


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