Felicita Park

Felicita Park is a scenic park located in a small valley in south west Escondido in California. The park is one of the most diverse gathering places in San Diego county and is an expansive area with sports fields, two playgrounds, walking paths and a disc golf course.

There are creeks that separate the park into natural and developed areas while the playgrounds and trails are located under the shroud of ancient oak trees. The park features picnic areas perfect for birthday parties or corporate events and there is also a newly renovated wedding ceremony space and covered pavilion perfect for receptions.

The park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its rich native American history and is known as a historical landmark. The grinding holes and other artifacts in the park reveal evidence of the presence of a native American community in the area.

There are ranger led interpretive hikes available in the park for students and general public and these hikes are also meant to acquaint the people of the rich history of the place as well as the unique natural setting that the park is located in. The park is a hidden gem in San Diego county and is definitely a natural and historical masterpiece.

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