Fanuel Street Park

The Fanuel Street Park is a unique destination in the city of San Diego in southern California known to excite both the nature lover and the sports enthusiast. The park is located at Mission Bay towards the end of Fanuel Street and offers a big respite from hectic city life.

The park is known for its rolling green field where one can just sit and relax in the arms of nature. There is also an active side to the park as there are roller blades, bikes and joggers who would create some unique trails in this park destination and take the most out of the park experience.

The park is popular with sports lovers as there are beach volleyball nets and jungle gymnasiums where the sports and heath freak can go out and enjoy. There are also showers where one can relax after a hard workout. Benches are there to offer the visitor nice sitting and relaxing experience and for enjoying the views.

The park is popular as a nice, clean destination near the calm waters of Mission Bay and the beautiful Pacific ocean beach. The park is also popular with children as there are dolphin erects to climb on or grassy areas to run or play around.

Image of Mission Bay.

Image of Mission Bay.

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