Eagle Point Labyrinth

Eagle Point Labyrinth is a tourist attraction in Lands End trail in San Francisco in California. The hidden labyrinth in the coastal trail at Eagles Point was constructed by local artist Eduardo Aguilera with stones set up like a labyrinth.

The nice trail to walk on gives a good view on a sunny day with a secluded area and Zen like atmosphere. Perched on a small plateau, the labyrinth area gives good views of the Golden Gate bridge and the nearby Pacific Ocean and the Marin Headlands. The inviting outdoor creation is a simple strolling circuit and is a perfect setting for a solstice stroll.

The labyrinth is meant to be a place for meditation and relaxation but it is also just fun to walk around on a whim. The waves crashing against the cliffs gives the place a dramatic mystique. The place is a peaceful and breathtaking lookout and the setting sun in the area makes for a spectacular display.

The area looks good with the labyrinth and the stone paths created by the artist but the labyrinth has been vandalized recently but the headlands and the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate bridge makes way for the unique trail in this area of city.


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