Dusty Rhodes Off-Leash Dog Park

Dusty Rhodes Off-Leash Dog Park offers two large fields for dogs to run laps and explore until the sun goes down!  There is a section for both small dogs and all dogs to enjoy the sun.

The large dog park resides on the edge of the Ocean Beach community, and is joined by many dog friendly restaurants, shops, and even a dog friendly beach.  Connected are also a large community park, playgrounds, and sports fields.

Parking can be found of off Sunset Cliffs Blvd if heading south, or W. Point Loma Blvd if heading west.  Parking off of Sunset Cliff Blvd is more limited, but parking can always be found in the W. Point Loma Blvd lot, provided there are no large functions at the Dusty Rhodes community park.

Dusty Rhodes Off-Leash Dog Park has large trees for dogs and humans to cool under, along with a drinking fountain that works for both pets and people.  Picnic tables and chairs can be found throughout both sections of the park for dog parents.

It is advised to bring doggie bags to pick up after your pet, as the bags found at the park are usually by donation and not guaranteed.  There is no lighting on the fields where the dog park resides, so it is recommended to plan a trip around daylight hours.

Dusty Rhodes Off-Leash Dog Park

Image courtesy of yelp.com.

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