Dume Beach

Dume beach is located in the coast of Malibu in California in the northern end of the Santa Monica bay. The area is known for headlands, cliffs and rocky coves while activities in the region include swimming, surfing, scuba diving, bird watching and fishing.

It is also the perfect place to watch for the California grey whales and provides an incredible view of Santa Monica bay, north Malibu coast, the inland Santa Monica mountains and the distant Catalina island.

The beach is isolated and located at the Point Dume Nature Preserve with fine tide pools. The beach provides a get away scene with activities like walking on sand and watching dolphins swimming on the coast.

The cliffs on the south side of the beach have lot of beauty and rock climbing trails are organized on these while the waters and sand are pristine and clear. The beach has been a popular place for the movie industry with movies like the Planet of the Apes and Iron Man shot there.

The beach is definitely one of the most beautiful in southern California and among facilities offered there are picnic tables, restrooms and showers. The beach is also popular with surfers and there is much activity and natural setting in the area.

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