Dana Cove Park

Dana Cove Park is located in southern Orange County, California. It is one of the precious few harbors along the Orange County Coast. It is also easily accessible from route 1, so it is a haven for surfers.

Author and Seaman Richard Dana once set his pen to describe the panoramic views of the natural cove. His prose depicted Dana Cove Park as “The only romantic spot on the coast.” Dana landed at this point during the hide training days of the 1830’s, and he used his book “The only romantic spot on the coast” to capture the allure of the steep cliff cove dominating the park. This was during the day when sailing ships were square rigged. The rugged cove was then known as Bahia Capistrano and served as the major port between San Diego and Santa Barbara. This cove later evolved to become known as one of the most beautiful recreational harbors on the west coast.

At the time that Dana wrote his book, he alluded to the anchorage of Dana Cove Park as being poor. However, it is now a developed harbor. Tourists who flock there can find a replica of Dana’s ship, The Pilgrim.

Image from www.laderaranchrealestate.com.

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