Crescent Bay Point Park

Most of the beach parks are often crowded and in most cases even a parking spot is often a challenge. The Crescent Bay Point Park offers the perfect alternative for crowded beaches.

The park is not hard to find. Visitors just need to drive up along the Coast Highway and eventually turn left towards the Crescent Bay Drive. At the end of the Crescent Bay Drive is the Crescent Bay Point Park.

Thanks to the quiet residential neighborhood, Crescent Bay might be one of the best parks in Laguna. Crescent Bay Point Park offers visitors a 180 degrees view of the ocean in addition to offering the perfect destination for scuba diving and snorkeling.

The hallow waves at the beach are the best for surfers which makes the beach a popular attraction among surfers. The beach is often open between 6 am and 10 pm. The beach also has lifeguards which makes the beach safer compared to other beaches.

A common activity at the beach is beach volleyball which is a popular sport among the local community. It is this blend of uniqueness and tranquillity that make the Crescent Bay Point Park a great destination for both the local and visitors from the surrounding areas.

Crescent Bay Point Park

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