Coronado Dog Beach

Coronado Dog Beach is spacious with more than enough beach for your pooch to run and swim! Do not worry about taking your dog off the leash. Somehow, all the puppies seem to play so nice with one another.

The external stimulation of the ocean meeting sand is pretty cool to observe as the dogs discover and play in this amazingly beautiful backdrop. However, of course, keep close tabs on your pooch, as you are not familiar with the other canine visitors to the shore.

Coronado, California is a straight up resort town. It looks and feels like paradise, so it’s
definitely a win/win prospect for dogs and humans alike!

Be advised that since it’s such a popular destination, plan ahead for parking. Be patient, because lots of people are trying to get in on the fun in the sun with their furry friends! It’s also a fairly significant stroll from where you park to the actual shoreline, so prepare for that and enjoy it along the way, because the scenery is devastatingly beautiful!

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