Calafia State Beach

Calafia State Beach is found in on the sun kissed coast of San Clemente, California.  It is fully equipped with concessions and a restroom.  The walk from car to sand is minimal. It is one of the best beaches in the area.  During the summer months, beach combers migrate to Califia State Beach for its soft sands and white crested cobalt waves. Families also flock to this beautiful beach every year.

A large rock break wall backing the beach holds back the force of the rising tide throughout the year.  Lifeguards maintain the safety of the Calafia Beach’s shores during summer months.  Calafia State Beach Park is the last beach dotting the San Clemente Beach trail before you have to descend off of the walking and biking path onto the sand.

Calafia Beach is not a well-known destination for surfing. However, although it may not be a mecca for surfing, it does provide the perfect crest for the boogie board and body surfing groom. The nights at Calafia State Beach Park are calm and quiet. The beach offers the ideal setting for a bonfire.  It is also walking distance to the main San Clemente Beach camping area which is one of the campsites with a view in Orange County.

Calafia State Beach Park is extremely accessible being less than three minutes from the freeway exit.

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