Arroyo Verde Park

Arroyo Verde Park is a scenic park in the area of Ventura in southern California. The 132 acre park has miles of hiking trails, open grass areas, nature centre and playgrounds. The park is a great place to relax or get some serious exercise besides having a variety of beautiful shady trees and grassy open area.

The hiking along the trails can give vistas of the ocean, the Channel Islands, Point Mugu, Topa Topa Bluffs besides views of the Anacapa Island and Two Trees. The undeveloped stretch of land nestled along the foothills has about 14 acres of grassy picnic areas besides barbeque areas, children play area and outdoor meeting place.

The area is a beautiful and significant natural preserve and recreational resource and offers rugged land with tree lined open grass areas. The area is a beautiful place to relax in the arms of nature and feel the sunshine while the open grass areas give an idea of the intense natural setting that the place is under.

The place is popular not just with children and their playgrounds testify to this but the hiking trails also invite the nature enthusiast and offer some magnificent views of the coast and other areas in a unique setting.

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